Below are five tips that can help you and your business ascend to the higher echelon of event masters.

  1. Plan & Coordinate: Answer the 5 W’s: why, what, when, where, who to help define how. The answers to these simple questions will give your insight and help set realistic expectations for your event.
  2. Activate: An event plan without action is a day dream. Targeted actions to secure all key points of the plan. Decide, stay active and utilize your time effectively. Confirm your dates, secure your venue, approve your budgets and decide on your targets and communication channels. Stay active, utilise your time effectively and engage attendees prior to the event.
  3. Lists are Life: Yes, you’re a genius with the memory of an elephant but events have a way of reminding you just how human you are. To avoid the pitfalls of memory loss and mix ups, be sure to list everything down. List your guests, activities, accessories, venue arrangement. Create checklists that can help track progress and keep you motivated towards your goal. Prepare a minute by minute plan that will serve as a reminder when humanity lets you down.
  4. The Delivery Day: You’ve planned, obsessed and the day has come for all your hard work to pay off. Event day is time to make sure everything goes as planned. Instead of assuming, take control. Arrive early, check if everything is working, take stock of all utilities, allocate spaces and watch as everything falls according to plan. Setting up a help desk can be the hub for attending to unforeseen situations. Ensure that protocol is observed and a hire a professional photographer to capture your moments.
  5. Happily Ever After: You’re only as good as your most recent achievement. The time after receiving appreciation for your efforts is also the time to scope for improvement. Collect meaningful information from feedback, understand participants’ reactions and measure the impact of your event.

Failure has no hiding place in event management. No matter how confident you are in your natural skills, loopholes and unforeseen circumstance can easily land you in an embarrassing situation. To avoid blunders, consider the aforementioned tips and be sure to take assistance from an event management company or association.

Mukandi Siame is the social media & marketing executive at Africast Conferences & Exhibitions, an industry focused event management company revolutionising the way events are managed in Zambia. Mukandi creates communication & media strategies that make all events, memorable events. Connect with her on