This week are showcasing the understated yet highly convenient and innovative Smartshows Service.

What is SmartShows?

The A-Team is always wide awake, working on solutions that address many infamous problems in event management. High up on the list of infamous problems is a lack of effective networking solutions at conferences and exhibitions. High profile industry focused events usually host hundreds of professionals with brilliant insight, however it is impossible to connect with each and every one of them. Though industry focused events offer a platform for deeper knowledge, connection and networking, nevertheless, printed information packs go missing, business cards are lost and burning questions are left unanswered.

SmartShows services are a range of products that ensure that as the host, your attendees get the most out the event. The Smartshows App is an application that gives attendees access to maps, programs, schedules, speeches and contacts of every attendee, all while enabling them to private message, keep personal track of their itinerary and have a deeper networking experience in this fast-paced world. The SmartShows App is convenient, fast and as long as it is downloaded, all the knowledge gleaned is in the palm of the hands. By placing the whole event in the palm of their hands, attendees can literally meet each and every exhibitor/speaker/delegate etc. through appointments on app or simply chat messaging. Smartshows is also a green app, ensuring all presentations by speakers or speeches are downloaded on the app to avoid printing costs. Your sponsors will appreciate the event

app as they get in-app advertising which is always welcome.

Smartshows© is the smartest way of doing business at conferences and exhibitions worldwide and now in Zambia.

Smartshows© event technology is developed by Africast Conferences & Exhibitions (Z). It is free to download on Google Play store and Apple store.

As a part of the Smartshows services, Africast also takes your communication a notch higher by creating web pages, registration & feedback forms that can enable you as the host to have an insight on the success of your event.

The event App is available on Google Play and Apple Store, ensuring that 87.7% of smart mobile devices can operate this app.

Need more convincing that this is the right step for your next event? Contact us on +260954980744 and we will arrange a live demo of the Smartshows Event App.