Last month we held the first ever Luapula Expo & Investment Conference and it was AMAZING.
The beauty of our nation was finally showcased through an event of that grandiose.
Luapula Province was the stage and all lights where on Mansa, Samfya, Kawambwa, Nchelenge and Mwansabombwe. The event was hosted by the Luapula Provincial Administration aimed to link investors to the unlock the economic potential of the province. Local and international investors, decision makers, financiers and captains were brought together on a platform like no other and the results of the event speak for themselves.

On behalf of the Luapula Provincial Administration we would like to thank you for your participation and support during the Luapula Expo & Investment Conference.

The Luapula Expo & Investment Conference was a six day tour, expo and conference presenting numerous investment opportunities that are found within the province and was officiated by The President of the Republic of Zambia, H.E Mr Edgar C. Lungu. This event was not only exciting, it was an empowering learning experience that unravelled all that Luapula province has to offer. Met by your enthusiasm to contribute meaningfully to the success of the event, the Luapula Expo had a massive turnout that tripled expectations.

The theme of the event was, “Linking investors to Luapula Province to Unlock Economic Potential.” It is for this reason that Africast and the Luapula Provincial Administration worked tirelessly to showcase the abundant untapped resources within Luapula. The Luapula Expo attracted over fifty exhibitors and due to the aggressive marketing campaign and strong partnerships we welcomed over one thousand five hundred visitors.

Thank you for making it from all ten provinces of Zambia, Southern Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

“We can’t have an investment Expo and remain the same.” Mr. Chilangwa noted that a lot of investors had signed up and agreed to invest in Luapula Province as a part of turning Luapula into an economic hub that contributes to the GDP and competes on equal footing.

This event was made successful by everyone who invested their time, effort and resources to open dialogue and invest in this great province.