As preparations for this great event finalise, it is inspiring to see stakeholders from all parts of the globe get activated to contribute to change. The Luapula Expo & Investment Conference is a partnership between locals and stakeholders in order to alleviate poverty and build sustainable future for generations to come. The event was created to showcase Luapula as a whole by working in close partnership with communities as well as local & international investors in order to provide economic solutions not only for local people but for Zambia as a whole and vital part of its global community..

The high profile nature of the event will encourage a higher level of participation from important stakeholders and venture in key areas of industry: Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Livestock, Energy, Tourism, Mining and Infrastructure Development. Exhibitions spaces are already filled to capacity and companies are expected to showcase the best products and services that can contribute to Luapula Province.
The Luapula Expo & Investment Conference has been designed for institutions that are looking for a unique visibility opportunity and an exclusive platform for expansion of their business. The exhibition will be the largest ever held within the Luapula Province hosting over forty business corporations. Exhibitors and delegates are expected to come from Southern Region of Africa, Asia, Europe and America.








The high level of participation at both a macro and micro level is the first of its kind. Luapula Expo & Investment Conference has attracted the commitment and sponsorship of 55 major local and international corporations and incorporated the local community. Local businesses are being empowered by the increased knowledge and resource opportunities that have arisen during event

LUAPULA Province Minister Hon. Nickson Chilangwa, MP has made various media and public appearances to increase awareness and ensure all things are in place for the success of the event.  Hon Chilangwa noted that it was pleasing to note that Luapula Provincenhaswill this afternoon the 12th of July be guest on ZNBC Radio II’s ‘Real Issues’ at 15:15 Hours. The Minister will discuss the Luapula Expo and Investment Conference as we continue counting down to the Luapula Expo and Investment Conference.
To learn more about the expo and register delegates, visit or call +260954980744.