It’s been a great year for Africast Conferences & Exhibitions. Together with the fundamental institutions we have harnessed the power of the Zambezi at the Batoka Investment Conference, linked investors to unlock economic potential at the Luapula Expo & Investment Conference all while forming corporate partnerships that have contributed to the success of Sign Africa, Inter Company Relay 2017 and the 91st Agricultural & Commercial Show
Africast Conferences & Exhibitions has built a brand of excellence by focusing its expertise on delivering the best corporate and industry focused conferences and exhibitions. Over a decade of experience has translated into the ability to turn clients’ briefs and ideas into concepts that touch lives, transform business relationships and contribute to national development.

Climate change is touching every avenue of business in the 21st Century and every initiative matters. Africast produced a Smartshows service that designs an event application for our clients. The App brings all the event programs, maps and attendees to the palm of your hands ensuring that you stay up-to-date. The App stays running post events and allows attendees to reap full networking benefits. The Smartshows App helped 564 users stay up to date throughout the Luapula Expo & Investment Conference.

The 91st Agricultural & Commercial Show was themed to promote a green economy. Africast partnered with Cornelder from Mozambique and Barclays Bank Zambia to exhibit the products and services. We are proud to note that Barclays won the Best Banking Exhibit Award.

At Africast, client is king. The A-Team works tirelessly to ensure that every event, is a great event. Contact us today on +260954980744 or for any event queries.
Here’s wishing you a successful week and see you at yet another Africast event!